About us


Short Overview

We are Lithuanian based cryptocurrency platform. Our journey into the world of blockchain and cryptocurrency began in 2018. We wanted to be a part of decentralized financial world by effectively applying blockchain technologies. Cryptometre.com is a universal crypto platform that combines different payment methods and cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins, ethereum, digital currencies, payment cards and bank services.

One World, One Currency

Our mission is to make selling and buying Crypto with no limits and borders. The platform allows you to buy and sell bitcoins & ethers, deposit and withdraw fiat, use your account as a payment instrument and make payments with credit cards.


Make Bitcoin Easy to Use

Cryptometre.com focuses on one vision – “We make the difference in the crypto payment solutions”

One of the greatest feature of Cryptometre.com is fully automated platform: As soon as the payment is confirmed you get automatically your Bitcoins or Ethers. This technique allows us to offer our customers the best and fastest service in the industry.