Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and Conditions constitute the full agreement between you and us, covering all aspects of your usage of our services and Website. It is important that you read the Terms and Conditions properly before commencing usage of the website or services contained therein

These Terms and Conditions, along with our AML Policy, Cookie Policy, Security Policy, Privacy Policy and any additional documentation that we supply to you now or in the future (hereafter termed the “Agreement”), constitute a legally binding agreement between both parties covering your use of, and our provision of, these “Services”. This includes use on the Website, or via any other platform provided by Metre Ventures UAB. Metre Ventures UAB is a crypto platform owned by Lithuania registered company Metre Ventures UAB, and hereafter termed as “us”, “we”, "our”, or “Metre Ventures UAB”. You, as a customer of us, are hereafter termed as “you”, “yourself” or “your”.

Acceptance of the Agreement

If, after reading the Agreement, you do not agree to be bound by the terms contained herein, you must cease any use of the Website or Services. Your usage of the Website, Services or both constitutes your acceptance to be bound by the Agreement and the terms contained within. We reserve the right to amend this agreement at any time as we see fit without providing notice. In the event that terms are amended, they shall be supplied to you via email at the address you provide to us. It is therefore essential that you maintain all of your personal data and ensure that the contact details we hold for you are correct at all times.


“Applicable Law” refers to any rule, regulation, law, term or condition of any licenses, permits, consents or authorizations, belonging to any jurisdiction, and applicable either to you or us, or to the performance or usage of our Services, which are defined below and governed by this Agreement.

“Crypto Currencies are defined as Bitcoin or BTC, Litecoin or LTC, Bitcoin Cash or BCH, Ethereum or ETH, Ethereum Classic or ETC, or any other physical, digital or virtual currency or tokens offered by us at any time.

“Data Controller” refers to an individual or entity, agency, public authority or other body who has a singular or collective role in determining the purpose and method of how personal data is processed.

“Data Subject refers to a person or entity who can be directly or indirectly identified by use of an identifying factor, for example identification number, name, online identifier, location data, or any other information specific to the social, cultural, economic, mental, genetic, physiological or physical identity of that individual or entity.

“Digital Currency” means a method of payment or currency which has no physical or tangible form, and exists only in an electronic format.

“End User” refers to any individual or entity that is registered on Cryptometre.com

“Personal Data” refers to any information relating to an individual or entity which can specifically identity said person or entity, including without limitation name, location data, identification number or any other online identifier.

“Personal Data Breach” refers to a security breach which leads to the unlawful or accidental loss, alteration, destruction, unauthorized transmission of or unauthorized access to any personal data processed or stored by us.

“Third Party” refers to, within the context of data protection, any individual or entity, agency, body, or authority other than the data subject, processor, controller or any other person or persons who have direct authority from the processor or controller to process and access personal data.

“Transaction” refers to any transaction by End User or End Users relating to the services offered by Cryptometre.com

“Website” or “Websites” refers to Cryptometre.com, which is the website we promote and operate, and also any mini-site or website related to Cryptometre.com.

Our Services

Cryptometre is a virtual platform which hosts and enables the following services, hereafter termed as the “Services”:

Your Responsibilities

You are authorized to act only on your own behalf, and make use of only one user account. The use of linked or multiple accounts is prohibited unless specifically agreed in writing between you and us prior to any such use occurring. We reserve the right to terminate any linked or multiple accounts without notice, as and when we see fit.

You are authorized to conduct trade and transactions via your account only.

The sole responsibility for maintaining the security of your personal identification number(s) (PIN), password(s) and other identification data which you use to access your Cryptometre account is yours. You must therefore exercise caution and dutiful care to secure this information and prevent unauthorized access of your account. You agree to follow our password policy and advice with relation to changing passwords and keeping them secure, and restrict access to yourself only. You also agree to change your password regularly, enable dual authentication on your account, and notify us of any unauthorized or unusual activities on your account immediately.

You are prohibited from selling, borrowing, disposing of, sharing or otherwise making available your account or any aspect of your account to any person or entity other than you.

You are prohibited from using your account to act as a broker or intermediary for any other persons or entities.

You are prohibited from listing or entering fraudulent or misleading information onto your account, including without limitation phone numbers that are not personal or do not belong to you, misleading reputation information, incorrect country of origin details, or forged or otherwise incorrect identification information. It is your sole responsibility to update your personal details as and when changes occur.

Account Registration

You must open an account with Cryptometre in order to make use of the Services. When opening an account, you must provide us with contact information which includes your full name, physical address, email address (hereafter termed as “Registered Email”), telephone number and, if relevant to the business you conduct, details of your website. All information provided must be done so accurately and in completion, and if changes to said information occur, we must be informed promptly. It is a requirement of your use of our Services that the information we hold for you is correct, complete, and up-to-date. You can inform of us any changes to your details by email at [email address].

In the event that we determine your account to be higher-risk, or it falls into our higher volume category, we reserve the right to request further information from you for the purposes of due diligence assessment before agreeing to open your account. Additional information we request may include without limitation extra ID documents, proof of physical address and bank statements. If you are opening a business account, we may request information relating to your directors, shareholders or any other ultimate beneficial owners of your business, and also any documentation relevant to the permits, licenses and authorizations your business possesses.

When registering your account, you are required to enter a registered email address and a password. You must keep this information, and any other access credentials, confidential and secure at all times, and they must not be shared with any other persons or entities. You must not allow any other party to use your account. You must not use your account from a public computer or other shared electronic device.

Your password will expire automatically ninety days after creation, after which point you are required to enter a new and unique password before regaining access to your account. This process will repeat each ninety-day period after selection of a new password.

We do not allow changes to be made to your Registered Email, therefore it is essential that you keep this email address open. We will never ask you to give us your password or email credentials. Therefore, never respond to any such request.

Verification of Identity

In order to make use of some aspects of the Services, including without limitation transfer of Bitcoin and/or other currencies, we may require you to provide us with personal information details, including without limitation your full name, physical address, email address, contact telephone number, date of birth, copy of passport, copy of utility bills or other acceptable proof of physical address, taxpayer identification number, and information relating to your bank account (for example the type of account, account number, routing number and name of the institution). We may also require that you answer questions or take other action to confirm your identity so that we may provide you with the Services, or comply with our responsibilities under Applicable Law. When you submit this information to us, you confirm that the information supplied is complete and correct, and that you will provide us with updates in the event that any of the information changes.

It is a requirement to perform Time-Based-One-Time (hereafter termed “TOTP”) as a two-factor authentication procedure (hereafter termed “2FA Procedure”) for any withdrawal or transfer of Crypto Currency. Accordingly, we have fully implemented secure wallet storage, and provide 2FA Procedure for you.

In the event that five consecutive failed attempts are made to log in to your account (hereafter termed the “First Lock Up Period”), your account will automatically be locked for thirty minutes. If, after this thirty-minute lock expires, there are a further five consecutive failed login attempts, your account will be indefinitely locked. Should this occur, you must email us at [email address] to regain access to your account.

Warranties and Representations

Your usage of our Services is subject to a number of specific restrictions. You warrant and represent to us that:

Our Right Of Inspection

We have the right to inspect your location of business in connection with your usage of the Website or Services, or where it relates to certain Transactions. Refusing us access to inspect your location may result in the immediate suspension or termination of your account with us, without notice.

Security and Forks in the Blockchain

Please refer to the dedicated section within our Help guide for information regarding how we deal with forks in the Bitcoin and in other blockchains.

Computer viruses

You comprehend and confirm that we cannot be held liable in any way for damages or interruptions caused by viruses, spyware, scareware, worms, Trojan horses, malware or any other computer program designed to destroy, limit or interrupt the normal function of your hardware, software, computers, communication systems or any other electronic equipment, nor any spoofing, phishing or other cyber attack.

Exchange Services

When you trade Crypto Currencies through us, we will present you with a price for said Crypto Currencies. When you accept that price, and proceed with the purchase of the Crypto Currency, the transaction is considered to be complete and cannot be reversed.

We have a variety of options for processing payment for the Transaction, which may involve third party payment service providers. You comprehend and confirm that we cannot be held responsible for any delay, malfunction or other issue related to said third parties, and/or the function or lack thereof of their own services. When we have received confirmation that the Transaction has been paid for, we will immediately provide access to the purchased Crypto Currency/Currencies within your wallet.


All transactions are subject to a processing fee. The amount stated on the pre-confirmation invoice will equal the proceeds paid to you.

All current price and fee information is listed on our Website. We reserve all rights to amend our fees, so long as we provide fourteen calendar days notice of any planned fee increase. Your continued usage of the Website and Services after notification of a change to the fees constitutes your agreement to the change. Any applicable promotions or discounts (hereafter termed “Promotions”) which impact our fees are subject to amendment, cancellation or withdrawal at any time, as and when we see fit.

Settlement Methods

We will clear all payments over a peer-to-peer Crypto Currency payment network, and post the subsequent balance to your accounting ledger in accordance with our own preference settings. Credits and debits to your ledger are funds which we hold temporarily until they can be settled either to your own bank, or via your preferred withdrawal method.

You can choose to receive settlements in Crypto Currency, your native currency, or a blend of both. You assume the volatility risk of whichever currency you choose to be settled in, including without limitation the Crypto Currency volatility risk.

Our Right To Freeze Or Withhold Funds

We reserve the absolute right to withhold any and all monies due to you, and also set-off value from future payments to you under the terms of the Agreement, in the event that:


You agree that you shall indemnity and hold harmless Cryptometre, all affiliates and related entities thereof, and any of its directors, officers, agents, employees, representatives and joint venturers against and from any claim, cost, loss, damage, liability, expense or judgment of any and all kinds (including but not limited to indirect and direct costs, lawyers’ fees and expenses), arising from, incurred in connection with or related to any complaint, claim, investigation, audit, action, inquiry or any other proceedings initiated by any entity or person that relates to or arises from: (1) any alleged or actual breach of your warranties, representations or obligations outlined within this Agreement; (2) your improper, incorrect or fraudulent usage or this Website or the Services it contains; (3) the services or products sold by you via the Services, including without limitation claims for product defects, false advertising, death, property damage or personal injury; or (4) the use or misuse of our Services by your account via a third party accessing your password information.

No Warranty

Our Website and Services are provided on an “as available” and “as is” basis. Your use of the Website and Services is performed at your own risk. We provide the Website and Services without any form of warranties, be they express or implied (including but not limited to the warranty of merchantability, non-infringement or fitness for purpose), and disclaim any such warranty to the full extent permitted by all Applicable Law. Without limitation, we make no warranty that our Website and Services will operate free of error, or that any error or defect can or will be corrected; that our Website or Services will meet your individual requirements; that our Website or Services will be available secure and without interruption at any time or place; or are free from harmful content including without limitation computer viruses.

Limitation of Liability

Under no circumstances can we be held liable to you or to any third party for any indirect, direct, incidental, special, exemplary, consequential or punitive damages, nor any theft, disappearance, loss or damages for lost revenues, lost profits, data loss or other intangible loss arising from your use of, or your inability to use, our Website or Services, caused by your breaching of this Agreement.

Under no circumstances can we be held liable to you or to any third party for damages, injuries or losses arising from tampering, hacking, transmission of viruses or other unauthorized access or use of our Website or Services, your account with us, or any of the information there contained.

In no event can our aggregated damage liability in connection to the Website or Services exceed the balance of fees earned by us during your use of the Website or Services during a period of six months prior to the event which gave rise to any such claim. These liability limitations are to apply to the full extent of all Applicable Law in the relevant jurisdiction.

In The Event Of Dispute With Us

In normal circumstances, the balance in your account is deemed to be binding and final. Any relevant calculations relating to the Services, or the amount payable to you, are performed by us and done in accordance with our records. Our calculations are deemed binding and final unless a bona fide dispute is raised and supported by evidence.

If you believe we have made a calculation error, you must notify us by email within thirty days of the Transaction on question (hereafter termed the “Error Notice”). The Error Notice must include enough information to identify you, your full account details, and specific detail of the transaction and why you believe it to have been erroneous.


The calculation, determination and payment of any taxes incurred, assessed, or otherwise required to paid, collected or withheld for any reason connected to your use or our Website and Services is your sole responsibility. Additionally, the collection, reporting, remitting and withholding taxes to all relevant governmental and tax authorities is also your sole responsibility. We are under no obligation to determine whether tax was or should have been calculated, reported, collected, paid, remitted or applied, and we will not perform any such action.


You are prohibited from transferring or assigning this Agreement, or any rights granted by this Agreement. You comprehend and confirm that we are permitted to transfer or assign this Agreement, at our sole discretion, in the event of merger, sale or other disposal of assets.

Force Majeure

Neither we nor you can be held liable to each other for any delay, or failure to conduct an obligation of this Agreement, if attributed to any cause beyond reasonable control, including but not limited to Governmental Act, riots, war, acts of God, failure of performance by a supplier or vendor, flood, civil unrest, explosion or fire.


In the event that any provision of the Agreement is deemed to be unenforceable or invalid in accordance with any rule, regulation or law, then said provision shall be severed from the Agreement, and the remainder of the Agreement continues to remain enforceable and valid to the full extent permitted by said rule, regulation or law.


Any provision of the Agreement which is designed to extend beyond the termination or expiration of this Agreement for any reason shall do so accordingly.

Entire Agreement

These Terms and Conditions, along with our AML Policy, Cookie Policy, Security Policy, Privacy Policy and any other documents referred to within the Agreement, represent the whole Agreement between us and you pertaining to all matters contained within. Where used, headings are for convenience only, and are not to be considered in the interpretation of the Agreement.