Security Practices Made Simple

Here at Metre Ventures UAB, we're more concerned than ever about the security of our community. As the reality of web-based threats becomes more and more apparent, businesses and organizations like us are required to constantly improve and optimize our security protocols, so that we can best protect our massive community of users from all web-based threats, domestic and abroad.

Our Approach

We take a comprehensive approach to security, utilizing the blockchain, multi-step verification, trusted IPs, secure SSL certificates, and wallet cold storage to ensure that the accounts of our users are never susceptible to vulnerabilities and cyberattacks. With every login, every transaction, and every deposit and withdrawal, our algorithms are hard at work ensuring that each move is authentic, accurate, and most importantly secure.

We're constantly updating and optimizing our systems to provide the highest level of security currently found throughout the cryptocurrency market. We're highly focused on delivering a safe, secure, effective, and efficient service for our clients, which is why we remain endlessly dedicated to improving our security protections each and every day to meet and fight back against the growing threat of cyberattacks and unauthorized intrusions.

Coin Storage

Metre Ventures UAB  has implemented a number of different security features to help protect your stored coins:

We want our users to recognize the lengths that we've gone to in order to protect their cryptocurrency and digital assets. We understand our role in this, and we want to always reassure our community and users that they've made the right choice to join the cryptocurrency market with Metre Ventures UAB.

Account Security

Metre Ventures UAB has implemented a number of different security features to help protect the accounts of our users:

Our users demand a high level of security, so that they can rest assured knowing that their accounts, payment details, and sensitive information is always kept safe and secure, and protected against web threats. We've specifically designed Metre Ventures UAB to be able to automatically detect threats and intrusions quickly, so that our automatic locking feature will freeze the account until the account owner can be identified and reached.

Trust & Transparency

In everything that we do, we place the highest emphasis on trust and transparency. We want our community to trust us when it comes to their account details and sensitive information. In order to establish that level of trust, we must provide complete and full transparency in everything that we do.

We always adhere to legal guidelines, protocols, and requirements to ensure our community that we follow the book down to the detail. We’re not interested in turning a quick profit; in fact, we’re interested in transforming the cryptocurrency market by providing a safe, secure, and automated buying and selling process that makes the entire experience more effective, more efficient, and more enjoyable.

At Metre Ventures UAB, we're making the difference in crypto payment solutions.